Interested In Science Communication? Join Our FREE Weekly #SciCommChat Discussions On Twitter

You have most probably come across this blog post because you have read about the weekly #SciCommChat happening on Twitter.  Below we will explain how to join in on the weekly discussions around science communication as a passion, a career, a place to learn, a place to improve your science communication skills, and more.

First, what is #SciCommChat?

#SciCommChat is a remote weekly Twitter chat started in 2021 for science communicators, health communicators, and medical communicators. These are organized online (on Twitter) and are available for anyone to join (as long as you have a Twitter account, I guess). 

It has become a place to connect, learn, and share tips relating to the broad umbrella that is SciComm (this includes health communications and medical communications, my personal two favourite topics in the world). That’s not all – our weekly discussions can be translated to talk about climate change, space science, and raising awareness about various other topics that concern humans. 

What happens during #SciCommChat?

Participants use the #SciCommChat hashtag to first introduce themselves (following a prompt every Wednesday at 6 pm GMT), find new #SciCommers to connect with, and answer the key discussion questions posed by the host. The chat lasts approximately one hour (including an introduction segment). 

Each week, we invite a number of science communicators globally to join in and discuss tips, lessons, problems, and solutions relating to anything relating to science communication. The chat is free and everyone is invited to introduce themselves for a fruitful and engaging action-packed hour.

If you are still unsure about how the chat works feel free to come along to one of our chats on a Wednesday at 6 pm GMT. You are also more than welcome to respond to chat questions as DMs until you feel sure about tweeting “within” the chat. 

When does #SciCommChat take place?

#SciCommChat is hosted by freelance life sciences writer and content creator Nidhi Parekh every Wednesday at 6 pm GMT. Each week, a science communication expert shares their expertise and knowledge with chat participants. Everyone is invited to join in on these discussions and share their tips and experiences with other participants. We work hard to make sure that we provide an inclusive environment ideal for peer-to-peer learning. 

How do I join #SciCommChat?

Joining is easy. You could turn on notifications for the #SciCommChat Twitter account (@SciCommClub) so you never forget when the chat is happening. 

Alternatively, block out an hour of your time every week on Wednesday at 6 pm GMT and join in the fun, engaging conversations about science communication. 

The exact way in which you can participate can be accurately summed up by this image by Remco Timmermans, an incredibly passionate science communicator within the space industry, who has joined us in almost every science communication chat on Twitter. 

Join us for #SciCommChat on Wednesday at 6pm GMT. Participating is simple! 

1. In the Twitter search box type: #SciCommChat. 

2. Click 'Latest' under the search results box to see all tweets in the discussion in chronological order.

3. Create new tweets or reply to others, always including the #SciCommChat hashtag.

If you have any further questions about how to join the chat feel free to send us a DM on our Twitter account (at @thesharedscope or @SciCommClub), and we will respond to you ASAP.

Are there any rules for #SciCommChat?

Currently, there are no real rules for participating in #SciCommChat, except the one where we ask you to use ‘#SciCommChat’ in all your responses to the chat. This makes it easy for other chat-ers to find you and engage with your tweets. We also do remind you that we are a friendly community and do not tolerate any form of hate and bullying. We ask that you please be civil with one another, especially if you disagree with a point another participant makes. 

Sharing of resources, opportunities, or successes is welcomed, but advertising, selling, or too much self-promotion is not. Please make sure that your responses offer insight and that every tweet is not a promotion for the services that you offer. Nobody likes a bragger (and it may even lead to a block, sorry!)

What are the benefits of joining #SciCommChat?

Twitter chats such as #SciCommChat provide a free and effective way to connect with others in your field and learn more about the trajectory of your field. These chats are an opportunity to learn more in the field, ask questions, and also build connections with other people that share the same interests as you. 

You will also be provided with insights from science communication professionals, common science communication common mistakes to avoid, and generally, things to look out for –  as communication practitioners,  as people looking for a job within science communication, jobs available, or anything else under the sun that relates to science communication.

I am interested in hosting #SciCommChat. How do I do this?

We love to hear it please feel free to DM me on Twitter (@thesharedscope or @SciCommClub). I promise the preparation will not take more than 15 minutes. 

I have more questions. How do I contact you?

Feel free to get in touch either via the contact page or via Twitter DMs (@thesharedscope or @SciCommClub). 

If you have no questions, I hope to see you on #SciCommChat on Wednesday at 6 pm GMT.  Please don’t forget to say hi!!! 

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