Life Sciences Website Marketing: 5 Content Ideas To Build Trust

Throughout the pandemic, how often have you looked up information pertaining to the COVID-19 vaccines? Or perhaps information about the COVID-19 symptoms? There is no shortage of people looking for information relating to science and health online. What there is, however, is a lack of trust with some of the information that is available. In this blog post, I provide 5 content ideas that help companies within the life sciences and healthcare industries to build trust and credibility.

Internet Usage For Life Sciences And Health

According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center in 2011, 80% of internet users use the internet to assess health information. The study also showed that looking for health pursuit is the third most popular pursuit, following email and using a search engine.

Please note, these numbers have most likely seen a rise since the COVID-19 pandemic. Most people using the internet for science and health information are looking for information related to a specific disease or medical problem. Searchers are also looking for information about a certain medical treatment or procedure.

It is clear that people are increasingly using the internet to access information relating to science and health. Companies providing services and products in science and health should shift gears and meet their audiences where they are – an age-old lesson in the field of marketing.

Companies providing services and products in science and health should shift gears and meet their audiences where they are – an age-old lesson in the field of marketing.

Companies not investing in marketing their life science ventures through website and blog content are truly missing out. In a previous post, I highlighted 7 ways in which a blog will boost your health startup. Definitely give that a read here.

Building Trust In Science/Health Through Website Content

Meeting your client/customer where they are is essential to maximizing customer satisfaction and trust within the life sciences and healthcare niche.

Providing helpful answers and authoritative content via the internet is one way in which you can do so. The potential client/customer can then get in touch if they have any further questions.

Below, I provide 5 content ideas that you should include in your inbound marketing strategies. The 5 ideas below will help you build trust and credibility around your brand.

1. Add Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are a wonderful way by which satisfied customers demonstrate how a particular product or service provided by a science/health company helped them overcome a problem they were facing. This encourages other people who are interested in a product or service also invest in it.

For example, when I look for a dentist I always look through customer testimonials before I book an appointment. This is mainly linked to my fear of dentists. Reading testimonials from happy customers, especially those that also share my fear, helps me decide which dentist to finally visit once I have mustered my courage.

You may wish to have a page full of customer testimonials, or include different customer testimonials on every page of your website. Similar testimonials can also be clumped together into one blog post. For example, if multiple people with a fear of dentists write about how a particular clinic helped manage their fear while providing dental care, they may all be included into one post.

2. Include Patient/Success Stories Or Case Studies

Patient/Success stories and case studies are quite similar to customer testimonials. However, these are more long-form. Personally, I like writing these with three main sections in mind: section one highlights a challenge, section two provides the solution, and section three sheds light on the result. An example success story that I have written can be found here.

A company providing digital health/telehealth services may be interested in writing include a patient story that highlights the issue of lack of transportation to a healthcare facility, and how they provided a solution to this patient, who is now conveniently managing their condition remotely.

3. Consistently Run An Expert-Vetted Blog Site

The internet has made it easy to look for information relating to science and health at the touch of a button. However, as we have learned from the pandemic, this has also lead to an infodemic across the world.

To consistently run a blog site, consider hiring a science/health writer to write SEO-optimized website content for your business. This content can then be reviewed by a doctor/expert at your company with a link to further information about your expert – I would 100% suggest that you do this. Providing further information about your expert is an effective trust signal and builds credibility for your business and the people who work there.

In addition to writing and reviewing details, I would also recommend that you link to original sources so customers can also do their own research. Include the date of publication, the date of review, and a date that updates are made, too, so customers are aware that the information is fairly recent and updated frequently. Ps: Google also loves this!

Ps: I provide website content writing services for the life sciences and healthcare niche. If you require my services, feel free to send me a quick email at

4. Include an Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page

Keep a record of the number and type of questions you receive both via phone and by email. Using this as a guide, write/update your Frequently Asked Questions page. Consider including costs, insurance information (if applicable), a quick explanation of your services/products, questions regarding orders/returns, and perhaps some positive information you would like to share about the company. You may also use this space to speak to any objections that customers may have.

5. Provide A Personal Company Story That Customers Can Connect With

Most companies have a story – let your customers know yours! Provide your audience with a human narrative of why you started your company. Include an emotional journey that people can relate to.

Perhaps you were the patient that was unable to see your doctor because of an issue with transportation? Use this story to build a “why” behind your brand. You can also use this story to create a brand persona and highlight how your experience has led you to start a business that provides a better patient experience to customers.

So, what is the story behind your life science company? Do you need help writing it? Get in touch with me at today. Alternatively, feel free to use the contact form linked here.

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