5 Compelling Reasons To Hire A Life Sciences And Health Freelance Content Writer

As a freelance life science and health content writing business, I frequently create digital marketing content such as articles for life sciences and health-related businesses. My previous clients have included wellness program offerers, biotechnology companies, pharmaceutical companies, marketing companies, and many other clients. 

In this blog post, I will introduce you to the life science and health science niches and highlight 5 reasons you should hire a life science and health freelance content writer for all your digital content needs – be it for social media marketing or website marketing. 

What is a freelance life science writer?

Freelance life science writers wear many hats within the science writing industry. For example, I am an expert in writing about a wide variety of niches including but not limited to biomedical science, biotechnology, biomedical technologies, oncology, biology, virology, cell biology, genetics, genomics and epigenetics, and more. Put simply, a life sciences writer, by definition, writes about anything that involves the scientific study of life. 

What is a freelance health science writer?

A freelance writer in the health sciences focuses on health or health care. I am incredibly passionate about the health sciences, and more specifically, improving health literacy amongst the general public. In fact, a breast cancer scare led me to start The Shared Microscope.

Within the health sciences, I am an expert in writing about medical topics, including writing about topics such as cardiology, infectious diseases, oncology, pathology, public health and preventive medicine, and nursing. More specifically, my writing services also cover writing for the HealthTech and MedTech industries.

The Overlap Between Life Sciences and Health Sciences

I’ve asked this question more times than we can count – what is the difference between the life sciences and health sciences? Put simply, health sciences is a sub-set of life sciences. While the health science industry works on health and medicine, the life science field includes the study of a broader field of life. 

In other words, the study of health science converts to medicine more directly, whereas in the life sciences the focus is to understand all forms of life and translate that understanding to make improvements in health sciences. 

To give you a better example, life sciences includes the study of how the SARS-CoV-2 virus causes COVID-19, how it transmits from human to human, etc. It would also look into the epidemiology and origins of the virus. Health science will take this understanding to provide better care when it is required, for example, when you are sick with COVID-19 and require medication to counteract the effects of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. 

Reasons To Hire A Life Science And Health Freelance Content Writer

Simply put, a good life science and health freelance content writer will make your life easy. Below are 5 reasons to consider hiring a professional life science and health content writer for your business needs. 

1. Professional Life Science and Health Writers Have Domain Knowledge (And Experience)

A professional life science and health content writer comes with a lot of domain knowledge and experience. This includes knowledge about the life sciences and health industry, which most business owners in the sector would have too. However, a professional writer also has knowledge in the field of marketing and PR. When I write for a company, I go out of my way to identify trust signals to create content that increases website trust.

For example, as someone that provides science writing services, I am able to easily write about topics relating to oncology, biotechnology, microbiology, neuroscience, and other niches. To this, I add an understanding of search engine optimization (SEO), digital accessibility, social media and website marketing, and more – skills that not all business owners in the life sciences and health niche may possess. 

2. Professional Life Science And Health Writers Will Help You Get Results

By hiring a professional freelance writer in the life sciences and health niche, your business has a better chance of ranking (i.e. showing up on Google searches) which will hopefully bring you additional business. What do I mean? If you are looking for a professional content writer, wouldn’t you first do a quick Google search to find out who’s out there? Yep! Similarly, most consumers will be looking up things on Google too. 

To be able to get business from people browsing the internet, you want to have a chance at ranking on search engines for the services/products that you offer. A freelance life science and health content writer can help you create quality SEO-optimized content that ranks and brings in business for the long term. Remember, you need to spend some money to make some money (i.e. to get results)! 

3. A Freelance Life Science And Health Writer Provides Personalized Content

This bullet point is self-explanatory. A freelance life science and health writer writes personalized content for you and your brand. You pay the writer to create the content for your website so you can focus on building your business. Many businesses hire an agency to work on their content for them. This is ideal because all the work gets done “under one roof.”

Agencies, however, may have a huge number of assignments and are usually able to spend little time on each assignment. The result is that the writing may seem… general. On the other hand, a freelance writer such as myself works directly with you. I ask you what you need and accordingly create unique and engaging content for your business so that is can make an impression. With freelance writers (such as myself), your project is always priority.

4. Need Factually Correct Content With Fast Turnaround Times? Consider A Life Science And Health Writer

Freelance writers in every niche, including the life science and health niche, are able to provide factually correct content. We can distinguish good science from the bad, and ensure your content sends a message to your audiences. I take this a step further to ensure the message reaches your audience. With freelance writers, you are also able to communicate directly with your writer rather than work through hoops to get in touch with a writer – something you may have to do when working with an agency. 

Because your communications are directly with your writer, and we thoroughly understand your needs before taking on your work, freelance writers can promise faster turnaround times. Our content for your business will never be subpar because we work intimately with you to develop what your company and brand requires.

5. Freelance Writers Are Reliable Partners That Help Your Company Reach Greater Heights

You know running a business requires a lot of work – you put thought into branding, marketing, improving your stats, sales, and more. Why not focus on your strong suits so freelance writing service providers such as myself can use our skills to bring you and your business promising results? This could be in the form of higher sales, more clients, growth, customer loyalty, higher website traffic, and more.

Many businesses consider hiring a writer, but talk themselves out of it because they believe they could write the content themselves. While this is true, not every one can create engaging content that brings business or ranks highly on search engines. Content writing isn’t simply about ticking the content box, but requires good writing that leads to business growth.

On a final note, freelance content writers in the life sciences and health niche provide help as and when it is needed. You are still in control! A good professional writer can understand your needs, the needs of your business, and build something that will help you get business. 

If you are considering hiring a freelance writer for your biotech company or your health company, or generally for any life sciences or health sciences niche, feel free to get in touch with me at thesharedmicroscope@gmail.com or use the contact form.

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