Vaccination: A Little Prick That Gives a Big Boost

So let’s get straight into it, shall we? What is a vaccine? Vaccines are a biological cocktail that is exposed to your body to teach it to destroy antigens (i.e. disease-causing agents) and build a memory/tolerance around the antigen. This memory/tolerance is built by teaching your body WHAT is harmful and HOW the antigen causes …

Vaping: There’s No Smoke Without Fire

Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems are currently marketed and promoted as healthier/cleaner alternatives to conventional smoking of tobacco. While this may be true, it is important to note that ENDS are NOT risk free, and that the long-term impact on health and mortality is unknown. Reviews on the health effects of ENDS have been inconclusive and conflicting, and further research in this field is warranted.

Introducing: Your Personal Neurotransmitter

Think of your mobile/laptop as the synapse in this situation, and this blog as your neurotransmitter. Through this blog, I am sending you messages (our 'neurotransmitters'), via your phone/laptop (our 'synapses') to your brain. This is exactly how a neurotransmitter relays messages within your body.