Our Mission

How often do your patients seem confused about health information?

Are they taking “alternative” herbal medications?

Or maybe they’re following diet fads that are causing them more harm?

Maybe you went to the doc and don’t fully understand what they said?

Or in some cases, you just forget what your doctor said?

At The Shared Microscope, we strongly believe in encouraging science/health literacy, preventive healthcare, and increasing accessibility to care.

We hope to create a world where every patient is in a position to make optimal care decisions to help them with their recovery.

Our Mission

Our mission at The Shared Microscope is to translate health/scientific information from the doctor’s clinic/laboratory, to the patient.

We create impactful content based on the most authoritative and trustworthy sources and continually strive to stay abreast of timely health information and translate them for parents, children, and healthcare professionals alike.

Please make sure you follow our blog to be informed of trusted medical news, practices within #SciComm, #MedComms, and health-related content marketing.

Let’s educate to change lives.

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